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In February 2020, an experiment on the labeling of medical devices will start in the Russian Federation

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The experiment is planned to be conducted from February 1, 2020 to September 1, 2021 for two groups of medical devices: Diapers (HS FEA 9619 00), Coronary Stents (HS FEA 9021 90 900 1). Participants will be volunteers. The Operator-CRPT will act on a free of charge basis.

According to the president of the Russian Association of Manufacturers of Medical Products “Zdravmedtech” Alexander Ruchkin, it is not practical to introduce labelling for all medical devices: “Why label tomographs and other heavy medical equipment? It is unlikely that someone will fake it. Any little thing like medical masks should not be included in the system due to the additional economic burden. If the mask before the labeling cost, say, a ruble, then afterwards the price will be one and a half, or even two, taking into account all the costs of codes, software, equipment. ”


Read the full article at pharmvestnik.ru

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