Locations inspection manufacturers


In compliance with the rules
of good manufacturing practice,
activity which is beyond
outside the Russian Federation.


The geography of our audits covers

Russia and CIS countries

Western and Eastern Europe,
countries of Southeast Asia and
the Middle East, India, Japan

Online conference “Audit inspections of pharmacovigilance system of marketing authorizations holders”

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Practical lectures will be given by 5 industry professionals, and the special format of the event, lasting 4 hours, and the principle of information presentation will allow you to combine participation in the conference and working moments.

After registration, participants will have access to an online broadcast, where they will be able to watch reports live, and will also have the opportunity to ask speakers questions during the presentation.

After the conference, all participants will be given access to the conference materials and video recordings of presentations.


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"GMP-Project" - a company that specializes in assisting in the preparation of the inspection of manufacturers of medicinal products for compliance with the rules of good manufacturing practice, the activity of which is located outside the Russian Federation.