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Expert Consulting Seminar “Transition to the EAEU GMP Rules”

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Transition to the EAEU GMP rules.



FSI “SID and GP” and “PHARMSTRATEGIA” LLC, as part of a joint program to promote the implementation of best practices in the Russian pharmaceutical industry, will conduct a advance training program on January 30-31, 2020 in the form of an open expert consultation on the topic: “Transition to the EAEU GMP rules. Regulatory requirements and regulatory expectations regarding the validation of computer-aided systems. Validation of equipment for labelling".


Validation of computer-aided systems is an area in which properly organized interaction of specialists from different departments is especially critical for achieving positive results. The seminar program is designed in such a way as to ensure the study of important aspects of this interaction, and should be equally useful both for employees of quality assurance departments and for specialists of IT departments of pharmaceutical companies.


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